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          The 9th Guangzhou International Garden Machinery and Gardening Tools Exhibition was held

          The State Forestry Administration announced the "national afforestation program 2011-2020" is proposed by 2020, China's urban greening coverage rate to reach 39.5%, per capita park green area of 11.7 square meters. "China's landscape market space will be doubled to open." Wanli that China's urbanization rate of more than 50% and will continue to improve, "Beautiful China" will largely promote urban and rural transformation, this transformation will be in the future Continue to promote the rapid growth of China's landscape garden demand. "Only the municipal garden and real estate garden two plate industry demand in 4000 billion yuan, space is huge.

              With the development of garden industry, garden machinery and gardening tools industry is also expected to usher in the development of the peak period, for the current use of garden machinery and the future degree of mechanization needs, garden machinery will be widely used in landscape conservation. March 13, 2017 -15 days, the Ninth Guangzhou International Garden Machinery and Gardening Tools Fair will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou · Guangzhou International Procurement Center, continued to help garden machinery industry trade and development exchanges.

              The most efficient way of marketing

              "With the rich landscape features and social recognition of the increase, the competition between the garden enterprises, out of the initial stage of price competition, and gradually into the financial strength, technical capacity, brand, quality, size, service capacity and other indicators The overall strength of the competitive stage. "Park State Park, General Manager Ma Li Da said in an interview.

              2017 The 9th Guangzhou International Garden Machinery and Gardening Tools Exhibition, covering the lawn machine, hedge trimmer, mower, brush cutter, chopper, digging machine, lifting machine, tillage, chain saw, electric Saws, handicraft scissors, electric shears, hedge shears, cylinders, carburetor, piston, motor, grass, rope, oil, water-saving irrigation, irrigation equipment, covering almost all areas of garden machinery to meet the buy Home of the various types of procurement needs. Tonick will showcase a series of "irrigation control products" and "watering kit", which include "Tonick Tonik Irrigation Co., UK", Huasheng, Honda, Worth and so on.

              The exhibition provides an opportunity for exhibitors to show their competencies in front of their competitors. Through the well-trained booth staff, active pre-show and exhibition promotion, attractive booth design, exhibitors' competitiveness can become radiant. , And visitors will also take advantage of this opportunity to compare the various exhibitors. Therefore, the exhibition is a good opportunity for exhibitors to show their image and strength.

              The strongest buyers of the assembly platform

              "13th Five-Year Plan" suggested that to speed up ecological restoration, ecological garden investment is expected to increase the future. The industry pointed out that upgrading from landscape to water ecological construction, or thus upgrade to other areas of environmental protection, tourism, business-related, you can achieve industry progressive.

              So far, 2017 Ninth Guangzhou International Garden Machinery and Gardening Tools Exhibition has received from the Arab MiddleEastAgricultureCo., The United States THOMASCUTCO.EAST, Vietnam TuongMinhAnhCompanyLimited, Russia DepartmentforNaturalResourcesManagementandEnvironmentalProtectionofMoscow, Lebanon Ets.GeorgesHawa, India's BabbarEnterprises Group and Singapore TECKENGPTELTD and other global 30 A number of countries and regions of the purchase intention of enterprises receipt.

              According to the survey, the use of the average cost of contact with the exhibition customer is only 40% of other ways to contact customer costs. The study showed that only 12/100 people received phone calls from the company's salespeople within 12 months before the show, based on the average number of visits to an exhibitor booth; 88/100 was a new potential customer, and the show was Exhibitors bring high-level new customers.

              Most pull the wind propaganda parade

              To reduce costs and expand the market needs, Europe and the United States developed garden machinery manufacturers have to transfer production lines to China, in China to establish industrial base or through OEM and ODM, and other ways to cooperate with Chinese enterprises. New environmentally friendly materials, material molding technology, automatic control technology and other advanced technology with the transfer of production capacity into China, to improve the domestic garden machinery industry as a whole the technical level and management level.

              2017 The 9th Guangzhou International Garden Machinery and Gardening Tools Exhibition with more than 200 domestic associations, magazines, websites, with foreign associations, magazines, websites to promote more than 300, the Chinese garden network, the Chinese machinery network, the Chinese flowers and trees Green & GolfMagazine, ADHS-AbuDhabiHardwareShow, Garden Machinery Network, Global Hardware Network, Hardware & Electrical Network, Garden China Network, Brand Garden Machinery Network, Accessories, Green & GolfMagazine, ADHS-AbuDhabiHardwareShow, MITEXMoscow2016, agriculture1.com, etc., are on the show to track the situation. The establishment of a wider coverage of the media network system for the exhibition to establish a corporate image and product promotion services.

              Enterprises in front of thousands of professional visitors to showcase their products, the application of the opportunities are not many. The exhibition is the best time and the best place for the exhibitors to focus on demonstrating the products or feel the service for the potential customers. Each mature exhibitor knows that, compared with other enterprise marketing tools such as advertising, exhibitors can better achieve the goal of attracting new customers, discovering potential customers, saving expenses and saving time by participating in the exhibition. Meanwhile, Publicity is another rare opportunity for enterprises.

              In recent years, some private enterprises due to the mechanism of flexible, market awareness, operational efficiency, in the garden machinery products market, the rapid rise in the garden machinery products export market share also increased year by year, has become the main garden machinery industry military. The 9th Guangzhou International Garden Machinery and Gardening Tools Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou · Guangzhou International Procurement Center from March 13th to March 15th, 2017. It is expected to attract visitors from Vietnam, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, Jordan, Pakistan, India, Japan, Russia, Italy, Indonesia, South Korea, Ukraine, and more than 30 countries and regions, as well as domestic provinces and cities, more than 30,000 visitors to visit.

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